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BioShock 2 sales lower than expected

Take-Two announced recently its financial results for Q2 ended April 30, 2010.
According to the official announcement, the net revenue of the company was $268 million. It showed an increase of 54% over the last year’s recorded $174.3 million in the same quarter.

Lainie Goldstein, the chief financial officer, said that the 32% of the revenue has been driven by the games such as NBA 2k10 and Grand Theft Auto IV. He also noted that BioShock 2 had contributed to the increased revenue, which was a profitable endeavor.

However, he also added that the sales was lower than expected. He said, “The title was well-received by the media and was profitable for us. However, sales slowed down sooner than we had expected”

The operating income of the company also rose to $16.9 million and the total revenue for the first-half financial year was $431.2 million.