An introduction to Bioshock 2
Astonishing everyone, Bioshock2 was pronounced one of the best games of last year.

The story begins, when Jack’s plane crashes and he found a city inside the water along with its entire dreadfulness

The inhabitants of Rapture get obsessed to plasmids and put Little Sister in danger, so a bunch of humans are contracted by scientists to guard Little Sister.

In first part you were an outsider but in the second sequel you are the part of daily events of Rapture

The surrounding of second part is as weird as the first sequel.

As the story progress, it is revealed that the splicers of Sophie (who is in command) have the hold of entire Rapture

Bioshock2 is well equipped with weapons like rivet gun, hacking pistol and plasmids which give supernatural capabilities

As you progress further you will find different Little Sisters whom you can adopt or harvest but selection should be made carefully because it will draw the attention of their families

Several other techniques are there to increase the power by hacking the machines of Rapture

The controls are easy and the graphics is not comparable to the first sequel but still very inspiring and the sound effects are excellent

Multiplayer options and online gaming is incorporated in the second part.

Collectively, Bioshock2 is an immense game and will be of worth playing!!!