More actions coming for Big Daddy in BioShock 2 this month end. 2K announced recently the new downloadable content pack for the game that is dubbed as Minerva’s Den. The DLC is scheduled to be released on August 31.

It will cost $10 for the PlayStation 3 owners. For the Xbox 360 gamers it can be grabbed for 800 Microsoft points.

There will be three new unexplored areas in Minerva’s Den for single player campaign. Moreover, gamers need not to complete the BioShock 2 narrative to access this.

The new areas will have 6 new Little Sisters and the gamers have to protect these sisters abreast of harvesting. Then, gamers need to rescue the sisters or drain ADAM out of them.

Those who bought the earlier DLC Protector’s Trial can now play around with a Master Tonic that is picked up from any of the Gatherer’s Garden. This will in return increase the harvest time and it will also increase the amount of ADAM that the Little Sisters get.

When the Pc owners will get this DLC is not yet known.