In BioShock 2, the new addition by 2K Marin mainly focuses on the single-player aspect of the game and not as it was earlier, a multiplayer side only with new maps, characters and weapons.

The developing team takes a snippet of Little Sister harvesting gameplay loop in the game and expands it to a full mode backed by its own story.

In the recent announcement of the Protector Trials, the players players take on the role of another Alpha series in service to Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum.

In it the Big Daddy is suppose to be helping Little Sisters collect to the maximum extent to weaken Sophia Lamb operation.

Well, the Subject Delta and the Alpha series Big Daddy don’t cross paths.

Ryan Mattson, the lead designer of the game, said that the campaign will have 6 environment in total. He adds that there will be 3 challenges in each environment and all will get harder gradually.

Protector Trial is releasing on August 3 and it will sell for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points.